F814 - Eve Langlais


By Eve Langlais

  • Release Date: 2015-04-01
  • Genre: Paranormal


When the order is given to terminate F814, she finds herself not in agreement. Blame her defective programming, but she's not about to let a human destroy her. But freedom is lonely until Solus and his cyborg friends shows up and rescue her from a mining asteroid.

Emotions are for the weak, at least that's Solus' motto until he comes across Fiona. She thinks she's just a robot, but he shows her she's more than just a machine. And in the process, discovers love. 

But before they can truly come to grips with what they are, first they must survive the human military that is determined to eradicate them all.

Like Hell. If there's one thing cyborgs understand all too well, it's how to fight, and survive.

Cyborgs More than Machines series: C791 F814 B785 Aramus Seth Adam Avion